Did you know that every slot on the roulette table is meaningful?

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The first thing that novice gamblers do not know is There are two types of roulette tables: French and American. The French version has 37 numbers, 0-36, while the American version has 38 numbers, just add 00 from the French style. Importantly, these numbers are schematically arranged in tabular form. To create a variety of betting formats, consisting of

           – A group of 12 numbers, the 1st or 1st 12th group consists of the numbers 1-12. 

           – Group of 12 numbers, group 2 or 2nd 12, consisting of numbers 13-24

           – A group of 12 numbers, the 3rd or 3rd 12th group consists of 25-36 numbers.

           – Numbers 1-18 or groups of low numbers 

           – Numbers 19-36 or group of high numbers

           – Even numbers or even

           – Odd or Odd

           – Black or Black for playing color

           – Red or Red for playing color

Did you know that every slot on the roulette table is meaningful?

So what are the numbers 0 and 00 on the table for?

        If you look at the roulette table, you can see that the numbers 0 and 00 are separated. It is a number that has no group, no color, but players can place bets on 0 as well. However, it is said that this number was set up to give the casino an advantage This is because most players rarely place bets on the 0, and when the iron ball falls on the 0, it means that the dealer is smooth.

        It is also believed that slot 0 can give a UFABET casino an advantage of up to 2.7, and if it is slot 00, the advantage will move to 5.26%.

        But that doesn’t mean the condition is the same everywhere. Because some casinos want to keep their players with them for a long time, La Partage and En Prison rules have been created for outside bets such as odd/even or color bets, with payout rates of 1 to 1 and when The roulette ball falls into the 0 box, the player loses only half of the bet. But the two rules differ in that at La Partage the player must keep the remaining bets back. Do not leave it for the next spin. En Prison players can keep or leave it for the next spin.