Rodgers reveals Fofana penalty after forcing club to let Chelsea

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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed Wesley Fofana was penalized for trying to force the club to let him join Premier League rivals Chelsea.

 Brendan Rodgers has revealed Wesley Fofana was ordered to train with Leicester City Under-21s. After trying to force the UFABET club to let him join Chelsea. The Foxes have rejected Thomas Tuchel’s offer for Fofana three times, with their latest offer of £70 million was rejected. Fofana did not train with the squad ahead of Leicester City’s defeat to Southampton. Last weekend and resulted in having to be eliminated from the team on the day of the match

Rodgers reveals Fofana penalty after forcing club to let Chelsea

     Leicester City have declined to accept an offer of less than £80m for the 21-year-old, who has five years left on his current contract, with Rodgers referring to the offer yesterday. the latest that “An offer has come in and it has been rejected.” “That will be the decision of the club. After all, it was It’s too complicated for me to understand or get involved with. No matter when he goes, how much is it worth? and which clubs will reach an agreement.”

          “From a football perspective if that happens The faster the better. Because it might allow us to do some work.” “The club realizes that over time it will be more difficult. But it needs to match the valuation and preferences of the board and top CEOs.” “He doesn’t train with the first team. He is training with the Under-21s so he can stay fit in football and keep working.”

 “At this stage it is very important to control any interference that may be present. I can only pick players who are fully committed to playing for the first team. if not then He has to train with the U21 team.” “Wesley is a good boy. It was a really challenging situation for him. I’ve had this so many times in my career that players can deal with it. and want to help their teammates.”

“But there is another part that can’t deal with that temptation. That distracts them. it’s not right And then they lose practice.” “These people are well paid. The least you can do is show up. If you don’t with respect You can’t walk into our group . He’s usually a good boy. But it’s hard for him to deal with everything while he’s in the right mindset. It was difficult for him to play.” “Suddenly, one day he didn’t come to practice. that was last week It’s the reason why he wasn’t involved last weekend.”