Things on the table that you need to know before placing bets

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  Before placing bets on the roulette table Players need to know what the chart of numbers displayed on the table means. Because on the table there is not only a number table with only black and red numbers, but also a little roulette rules.

        There are 2 types of general roulette tables, France and America, which differ in that the American style has 00 slots added. In addition, there will be numbers 0-36 as well. On the table there will be a table. In the form of a UFABET set up so that players can place a variety of bets according to their needs. which consists of

Things on the table that you need to know before placing bets

           1. The first set of 12 numbers (1st 12) is numbers 1-12.

           2. The second set of 12 numbers (2nd 12) is the numbers 13-24.

           3. The third set of 12 numbers (3rd 12) is 25-36.

           4. A group of numbers with a low set of numbers, such as numbers 1-18

           5. A group of high numbers, such as numbers 19-36

           6. Even numbers (Even)

           7. Odd number (Odd)

           8. Red (Red)

           9. Black (Black)

What is online roulette?

Among the gambling games, one thing every casino must have is roulette, which is a very popular gambling game. Until the point of raising it to be the king of casinos ever. Because it’s easy to play, don’t waste your brain thinking about complicated things. The way to play is simple, just the player predicts that the ball will stop at the number on the wheel. There are also different ways to predict the outcome, the rewards will vary. Then the dealer spins the wheel while dropping the ball. We have a duty to just sit and win prizes only.

But when there are online casinos coming up, online roulette was born as well Which comes in the form of a live casino, i.e. how to place bets, play, chip prices and steps are the same as going to play in a casino in all respects. We just play through the internet. As for the casino itself, there are cameras for live broadcasting on each table.