What Pep says after being compared to him by Big Sam, Arteta & Klopp

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has responded to new Leeds United boss Sam Allardyce referring to him and Mikel Arteta. and Jurgen Klopp

     Pep Guardiola has agreed with Sam Allardyce ‘s claimsthat he is on par with the Manchester City boss. Has been tasked with saving Leeds United from relegation with just four games remaining this UFABET season. The 68-year-old has been jobless since 2021, when he failed to keep West Brom in the top flight. But in a press conference on Wednesday May 3, he declared himself level with Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta.

What Pep says after being compared to him by Big Sam, Arteta & Klopp

           “Too many people think I’m old and outdated. That’s very far from the truth,” he said on Wednesday. “I may be 68 and look old, but in football terms no one is above me, not Pep (Guardiola), not (Jurgen). Klopp is not (Miguel) Arteta, so everything is there with me ′′ I have what they do and I do what I do. but in terms of knowledge and depth of knowledge I wasn’t defeated by them. I’m not saying that I’m better than them. But of course, it’s as good as them.”

          Allardyce to face Guardiola In his first game in charge at the Etihad The City boss insists that Allardyce, along with Neil Warnock and Roy Hodgson, are all experienced managers, paving the way for a manager like him. “He’s right,” Gwalior said. Cardiola speaks to Allardyce’s comments “I want to be honest. Now look what happened to Neil Warnock in Huddersfield. So they are very good. They help us become who we are.”

“Look at Crystal Palace            manager Roy Hodgson, what they’ve done. They are very good They have incredible experiences. They know the game perfectly. And if he feels that way It’s because of this ′′ He (Alladize) has prestige, he will put pressure on the players. And he knows exactly what to do in a situation like this in the relegation battle. So what they do for the club is not to care about people saying they’re old or whatever.

           “Now people at 35, 40, 45, did we invent football or did we invent football? No, football was created. And these people are members of that league and help us do it. And that’s why ′ ′ So, Neil Warnock Huddersfield, who used to be last. It’s out of the danger zone now. I can’t experience what Harry Redknapp does in this country ′′ There are many English managers who do really well. You don’t have to be young to be a good manager. the more experience you have You’re just so good.”